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Summer at the Beach

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The High Season is (I think) supposed to be a slightly literary skewing beach read but it doesn't quite get there and so doesn't work as literary fiction or as a typical beach read, instead landing in a nebulous no man's land in between.

The story centers on Ruthie, who has decided to rent her beach house out during the summer, aka, the high season, when those with money like to spend in order to make sure they're staying in a nice big house near the ocean.

Ruthie is your stereotypical well off middle aged woman, agonizing over all that's gone wrong with her life while dealing with a troubled teenage daughter.

Said daughter, Jem, was the highlight of the novel for me. Ms. Blundell is best known for her award winning young adult novels, and Jem's frustration with her mother and her own life are vibrant and interesting.