Rich White People being Rich White People

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I was lucky enough to win an early copy for honest review from BookishFirst and Random House. Thank you, Thank you. I was super excited to get the chance to read it. This book just screams Perfect Summer Beach Read. I love the cover, it's pretty.
I thought it was an okay book, but I didn't love it. I didn't really like or enjoy any of the characters. I found some of them made really dumb choices, and others were just unpleasant.
I was supposed to feel bad for Ruthie, but I was just meh. I felt bad about her house and what happened with her loser husband, but that's maybe it. I feel like she didn't respect some people, or their things, and she played the victim.
I didn't understand the point of Doe's character and why her POV was included. To me, she was the type of person that was like a parasite. She profited off of hanging around the rich and looking for her way in. She just didn't feel genuine. She wasn't the nicest to her mother. I just wasn't a fan of her character.
I also feel like there were no consequences for characters' actions. There was a guy that should have gone to prison for what he did, but he didn't get in trouble at all.
I mean it was good for petty backstabbing. And being the stereotypical story of rich white people being rich white people. I do enjoy these books from time to time.
The writing was good in this and I read it pretty quickly.
This was just an okay read for me. It didn't blow me away, but it was fine for what it was. I think it's definitely a good beach read. I'd recommend it to people who like fiction stories about the rich and famous. I wish I had connected with the characters more. I also wish the ending hadn't felt like this way to tidy everything up without settling any of the conflicts. Maybe the ending was the grown-up way of dealing with things, but when is that way fun? Thanks to BookishFirst and Random House for giving me the opportunity to read The High Season early for honest review.
Rich White People being Rich White People