More than your typical beach book

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This is not your typical summer beach book, I love a good light beach book ofcourse but there’s something more substantial here. In a way, it’s the opposite of a beach book because the lead character leaves her beach house every summer and rents it out to someone else.

Ruthie has lived in a quiet little town near the Hamptons for years. The only way she can afford her house is by giving it up at the most desirable time of year to own a beach house.
She has a teenage daughter that hates “the summer bummer”.

Ruthie is also still hung up on her estranged husband. When he left her, he wanted to stay friends. They didn’t legally divorce and Ruthie keeps thinking he’ll realize he’s made a mistake and come back.
I didn’t really like her ex. He seems pretty selfish.

Things are bad for Ruthie at work too. Her boss is trying to push her out so they can go in a new direction with their museum.

When Ruthie’s summer renter moves in, she feels like she’s being pushed out of her own life. Someone wants her job, someone wants her house, someone wants her husband. Life is rough. You can’t help but emphasize for poor Ruthie.

There was a fun little twist that happened about a hundred pages ,or so, into the story. There are a couple wild ideas Ruthie entertains in order to keep her house.

Great story. Likable characters. Unique way of telling a summer vacation story. I liked the way the author wrote. I haven’t read her books before but I’m interested to read more.