Loved this story!

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4.5 Stars!

This story starts off with a girl that's running away from her problems. Her family is gone and she is trying to escape. She is living in fear and trying to make it on her own. The problem is she's only 12 years old and can't even take a bus by herself.

By happenstance she makes an important friend that keeps her safe and tries to help her reach her goals to avenge the death of her sister and mother.

This book was hard to put down. The story is filled with action and tons of emotions. It made me laugh, angry, and it made me want to cry at some points. The main character, Emily Calby is a strong young lady and I spent the whole book rooting for her.

This story is apparently the first in a series. I would like to see what happens next. This book was an easy and captivating read. I highly recommend it!