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Loved it!!

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This is a fantastic book that completely demolished my expectations. Twelve-year-old Emily Calby is on the run after surviving a horrifying attack in her home that left her mother and younger sister dead. She befriends a former gang-member, Lucas, and begins training to exact revenge on her assailants. This novel is fast-paced and action-packed but it has a profound human element that sets it apart from other novels in its genre. I loved Emily’s voice and resilience as she became stronger, dealt with trauma, and contemplated what to do next. Her friendship with Lucas is what truly made the novel for me; they make an unlikely but fabulous team and I laughed out loud many times as they jostled with one another. My only critique is that some aspects of the plot were somewhat unrealistic. There is also quite a bit of graphic violence. Still, I look forward to reading the next book in the series!