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Just revenge worthy of a Western

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There were many aspects of this novel that reminded me of the Western genre, the strongest of which is its concept of “just revenge”. A quest for revenge is a common plot in that genre, but both westerns and the Hiding Girl have a strong vigilante vibe. Also shared between the two are violence and a reliance on guns and other weaponry.
I feel that any review referring to this novel as dark and gritty is honest as the content is definitely for mature, non-squeamish readers. I would have appreciated some content warnings for its violence (including rape and pedophilia), trauma/PTSD, and self harm (cutting).
While the novel starts strong, I felt that it began to lag as it went on. There were a few aspects that I found redeeming. The first is that our protagonist ended things with a “found“ family that anyone would be lucky to have. I would also say this novel is empowering as a victim is ultimately successful in her quest for revenge.
Overall, I would say this is action driven, escapist fiction.