Hooked in 20 pages

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This first impression must have set a record for me, it was only twenty pages long and hooked me. The idea of a twelve-year-old girl resourceful enough to survive a home invasion and be on the run from the killers pulled me in, so different from everything else I've read. I love that they plopped the reader right into her search for a fake ID and I want to know everything that happened between the prologue - "Before" - and now to get her where she is. I like the hint at Emily's mental instability too, and wonder how that additional twist is going to play into whatever ends up happening in this story. This feels like a book I won't be able to put down once I get my hands on it! The cover is appropriate, gives me a mental image of Emily and a figurative image of how she's trying to blend into the background and stay invisible. Moreover, the idea that this is first in a series and that this character stays around beyond the ending of this book is also intriguing and I want to know how the author gets there.