An interesting world

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I have always been interested in cyberpunk novels, and I think this was a great introduction to the genre. There is a very intriguing world of operatives and companies, body upgrades, and more in this novel. I do wish that we got a little more depth to the world, but at the same time, I enjoyed the small hints to the bigger world.

And the story itself was captivating! Readers follow Elise as she is just trying to complete another job, only to be thrust into a world of AI and more fighting than she is used to. I thought that each character was interesting, and honestly think the author could have delved more into each one.

There is a sense of foreboding throughout the novel that kept me invested. I needed to know if everything would work out for Elise and her new AI friend. My biggest complaint is how dialogue heavy some parts were, but ultimately I still enjoyed the story.

I really hope there is a sequel!