I'm not sure how I feel about it.

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I'm not sure how I feel about it. It definitely starts out right in the thick of things. I actually really enjoyed that part of it. But there are a lot of little details that I know will come in throughout the story that would more likely leave me annoyed more than anything. It is a bit hard to imagine some people because of the way they are described. The way the technology is described isn't clear enough in my mind. I'm guessing that issue will be fixed by reading a bit more of the story.

We did get plenty of back story, I think it was a good amount to get us into the story without feeling like an info dump. It was all completely necessary.

The story is interesting, I am curious to how it will end, so I might read the book when it comes out. But, it isn't my usual type of story, so I'm not excited for it. It's more like I will pick it up if I want something completely different from what I usually read.

The cover perfectly fits this story. It tells you a lot about the story and helps you imagine the characters a bit better.