Really good!

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I really enjoyed "The Headmaster's List"! At first, it rang similar to "A Good Girl's Guide to Murder". But then it became its own story and fleshed out. Both the cover and the end pages of this book are gorgeous and definitely pulled me in!

Spencer is a relatable and likeable character that takes on the heavy task of remembering what happened the night of a terrible accident that killed a classmate. Normally, I'm not able to guess what the "twist" is, but this time I was able to (so maybe it's a little more clear than I originally thought).

The only complaint (if you can call it that) that I have with this book is the ending. A majority of the book is very well crafted and in depth and detailed. The ending seemed like the author had a certain number of pages to put into the book and realized that after she had written 98% of it, she had reached her page limit. While it did wrap up nicely, it just felt rushed.

Overall, this was a fun read with good storytelling and one that I would recommend!