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This was the perfect book for the fall. I wish I had read it during that time I absolutely loved it and my only regret was reading it in December. This is such an amazing book and I am going to read all of this authors books because their writing is beautiful. There was a little love sprinkled throughout the book which I loved because it was the exact amount that I like. Theres not too much but also not too little. I fell in love with the characters and got into a bit of a reading slump when I finished because I thought there would be no book like this one. I'm a sucker for mystery and this was perfect. Loved the guy character and the girl. The cover was what first attracted me to the book (ALSO THE TITLE HOW CAN I SAY NO TO THAT) but the plot is what kept me reading. I wish I could reread this book for the first time all over again. Everybody please go read this book!!!