Well-written mystery with a predictable plot

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All murder mystery books have a pattern: a mysterious death, a vague clue, cat and mouse chase between the hero and the killer, the revelation, and the conclusion.

Is this one of your typical murder mystery books? Yes.

When I read the first impression of this book, I really loved how detailed the author was that I could vividly see the story. Without a doubt, he is Gerald Jay is an impressive writer. However, I could not personally relate to our hero.

Mazarelle is a familiar character if you've read plenty of detective stories. And then, we're introduced to the beautiful counterpart Claire Girard who is a reporter. A detective-reporter romance is hinting—is this thing in real life? (genuinely curious). But you'll root for these two when you get to know more characters of this book.

My critique: As someone who is into tarot cards, I wish The Hanged Man card left in the victim's pocket has a deeper symbol. Overall, this is a nice chilling mystery that I'll pick up once and leave on my shelf.