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I was attracted to this book based on the cover alone and I was not disappointed with the content inside. Mazarelle is a seasoned detective on a mission to find out who the serial killer is that keeps leaving a specific tarot card on his victims. This book takes you through every turn of the investigation and the roadblocks this detective encounters along the way. I kept actively turning page after page, dying to know who was interfering with the investigation. Why was evidence disappearing and being destroyed? Was it connected to the attempted homicide of the president? The writing of this story flowed so elegantly that I felt I was watching an episode of NCIS or SVU. The way the author detailed everything kept me glued to each page. The end scenes where as gory as I expected them to be, however, it did not dissuade you from finishing the book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was pleasantly surprised at how good it really was. This is one I would recommend to friends who love mystery or thrillers.