Something different

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This book is very different from the type of books I usually read (for enjoyment) but I really liked it! I've been making an effort to read more crime thriller and detective fiction so this was perfect for what I was looking for. There is a very crime noir tone that makes you feel as though you're watching a noir film so the atmosphere was really amazing.

Personally, the setting in France was a part of the reason why this book was good for me and definitely one of the highlights. There is also a lot of detailed and grotesque imagery in relation to the murder mystery taking place in this book and the author does a good job of descriptions and giving the reader a visual of the scene.

The reason this book didn't get a higher rating from me was because I felt the pacing was a bit off and it definitely dragged in some places. I also thought some of the characters (since there's an ensemble cast) needed to be fleshed out some more.

Thank you to netgalley for the arc!