Not My Style, But Still Pretty Good

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Although mystery IS one of my favorite genres, this wasn't my style.

As I didn't read the first book, nor have ever heard of this series, it was alittle confusing to follow up with.

I enjoy the way Gerald writes, and the plot of the book. Whilst I didn't understand much, it was still an interesting theme/base that kept me in.

I love his style of writing. I'm a huge fan of James Patterson, and the way that Gerald wrote this book, it definitely reminded me of him. He has amazing imagery, which allows me to know when and what is wrong. I can imagine everything clearly, and that is one of the many things I can say made me continue reading. The listing of each character was a bit boring, and not really anything I enjoyed having to read. It's a pretty good mystery novel, and a good thing to add on for the month of October. Although I didn't enjoy it, I do believe that many others would. So, an amazing read if you've read the first book, you have amazing things to look forward to.