Mysteriously Fun.

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Since I Have Seen This Book It Has Caught My Attention Not Only The Title, But Also The Cover To This Unique Book Is Quite Intriguing. I Must Admit Mystery's Are My Favorite Genre To Read. I Find Them Quite Thrilling And Fun.

There Was A Murder Of A Man Inside The Tunnels Of A Canal In Paris Which Puts Inspector Paul Mazarelle On The Trail Of A Killer. There Was A Tarot Card Of The Hanged Man Stuffed Into The Pocket Of The Dead Man’s Jacket. That Was The Only Clue There Was. Honestly It Doesn't Take Long For A Suspect To Emerge, But He Is A Innocent Man Who Railroaded Into Prison In Attempt Tp End The Investigation.

This Book Definitely Had Me On The Edge Of My Seat. The Plotline Was Pretty Well Carried Out. The Book Was Really Well And Beautifully Written. Really Can't Go Into too Many Details, If I Do The Magic Of The Book Would Be Ruined. But I Will Love To Admit That This Book Is A Perfect Read For When It Is A Cold Rainy Day. I 100% Recommend This Read.