Let Me Down

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After reading the first look, I was excited to get a copy of this book. When I received my copy (thanks to Bookish First), I read the first few pages again and was still anticipating a good read. Oh, boy - not what I expected. I was led down a lot of different avenues that seemed to go nowhere but the names and backgrounds of people continued to grow and confuse. The reason I was first intrigued was the main detective but he turned out to be someone I no longer respected. (Spoiler Alert Coming...) - he becomes close friends with one of the suspects. It is a dumb move, and when she is found dead, he is a suspect. The reason this frustrated me was that although this comes into play later it is just too obvious a move. She is a beauty with sex appeal who jumps into bed with everyone, and although the chief says he didn't sleep with her, they did spend the night together. Really? I thought he was smarter, and he does admit that he knows she is a liar and a manipulator, but he still gets close to her (no sex?? - not buying it), and when she is dead he mourns her and declares to himself that he loved her. Really? The police are corrupt, there are skinheads and other nasty groups who have their own agendas, and the confusion goes on and on. Here is the irony, I spent an entire evening reading this book as I thought that surely it had to get better (ignoring my own rules of 100 pages and then I am done.) I did not read the first book, and after reading the end of this book, there will most likely be a third installment. I would not recommend this book, and will not be reading the first or the second. (The other frustrating point - the use of french phrases thrown in that if I had more interest would send me running to a google translator. I either ignored it, or figured it out by context. Not for me!)