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I won the arc of The Hanged Man’s Tale, so i was able to read it earlier than when it was published. My copy did get here a little late so I’m barley finishing it. First off I want to start with saying that I absolutely loved this cover, and the details were what got me appealed to this book. The quality of the book pages are superior. Stuff like this are very important to me. So when I started reading this, at first I was very lost. It automatically starts off with many names and characters and it took me till about half of the book to understand who was who. So it was really hard for me to follow through with the story and the plot. I have recently gotten into mystery and thriller books, so this was the perfect book for me to explore more of this genre. This was fast paced, which I really appreciate. And not only that, but the book also had some romance in it. Can’t go wrong with that! I would definitely recommend this book. I really enjoyed reading this last night on Halloween. It really went with the vibe!!