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I will start out by saying I was a little disappointed in this book. I read the first look and got really excited about this book and thought it would be more intense. When I first started reading it, it kept me hooked and anticipating for what was going to happen next. As I kept reading though, it seemed to get boring and slow moving. I feel like the book jumped around a lot, and I couldn't really keep up with all the characters involved.

The ending of the book was good, and I think it is set up for another one after. The writing style was okay, and the length of the book seemed fine. The pace of the booked seemed a little fast since it skipped around a lot. The premise of the book was good, but I think the execution got a little lost in the storyline. There was a lot of different paths. I did not realize this was a sequel, so not sure how it flows with the first book but I enjoyed what I read.