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First of all the cover art is amazing. This concept behind the book is intriguing. I love love murder mystery books. This takes place in the earlier 2000s amazing. A private investigator is found hanging upside down dead under a bridge in france. I love the fact that this book takes place in France lol. This book is so clever i love the idea behind the tarot card. Im going to admit the first person “max” is a bit creepy his whole routine yikes! enjoyed the 9/11 reference the a sad day for everyone. Are french people really obsessed with America? Lol. The french words were kinda throwing me off a bit. A bit hard to read at times the book was hard to jump into but eventually I got attached to the book. Lots of intriguing layers the characters are interesting and at times funny individuals. I didn’t much care for Paul’s little crush/romance. But in all i loved it!!