A Family in Crisis

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With the almost-palpable tension between Kate and Lauren, Jess's arrival is sure to add to the upheaval this family is experiencing. Since both sisters are hiding things [Kate, her fertility issues; Lauren, her husband's cruel behavior], having a previously-unknown half sister arrive is sure to complicate both the sisters' lives.

What happens next? Will Jess return? Will she be able to prove her claim that Harry was her father? And if she does, what will that mean for Rose? Will the young woman's claim be a surprise to her or not?
And just how much of Simon's cruelty will Lauren endure before she takes some action? And, perhaps most intriguing of all, will Kate and Matt finally become parents?

Presumably, these questions are answered in the unfolding story of "The Half Sister" . . . but the intrigue is sure to keep readers engrossed.

The book cover, showing only half of the woman, is quite compelling and encourages the reader to open the book and read the story.