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The Good Luck Girls is incredibly addictive. Once you picked up the book, you wouldn’t want to put it down.

A really great debut. At the very beginning, I felt kind of boring because maybe I just didn’t understand what’s going on. A few of characters appeared and I couldn’t remember their names. But after a few chapters, I started to like the story because it became more interesting. Obviously because of the incident that happened where Clementine accidentally murdered a man.

The characters - Aster, the protector, Violet, the favorite, Tansy, the medic, Mallow, the fighter and Clementine, the catalyst. To me I think Aster is the main character in this story because she is the protector, obviously. Aster and Clementine are sisters. Aster would do anything to keep Clementine safe.

When everyone knew that Clementine accidentally murdered a man, Aster created a plan to escape the “welcome house”. She didn't want Clementine to get caught for the murder and scared something worse is going to happen to her. She gathered her trusted girls and working on the escape plan. They risked their lives just to find freedom, justice and revenge in Arketta. But, are they going to survive?

The author clearly trying to send us a message about the equality between men and women and rich and poor. Reading this book made me realize and remember about the era where people had tyrannical government and cruel people that were hungry for power. I fear if this world is facing that kind of situation again. I hope we are going to live in peace. The supernatural part got me hooked and I just have to say that this book has a different vibe. I was so caught up with the girls. What they have been through and how they deal with everything are so inspiring. They are indeed strong women.

Well written and the plot is amazing.

The only thing that I think wasn’t necessary is the romance part. I wasn’t enjoyed the insta-love between them (not going to say their names) but I feel the author should switch the characters and maybe the romance part would be more interesting.

This book is worth reading. And I need the sequel because they are a lot of things I want to know! Highly recommend this book.