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Thrilling, Gripping and Astounding!

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The Good Luck Girls is so incredibly unique and thrilling that I enjoyed reading every last bit of it. It was that lip-biting, nerve-wracking, gritty western with just a hint of magic that ticked off every box of mine. The writing was amazing and I couldn’t stop reading it.

There were a few things that needled me though. Some descriptors felt lacking, and I wanted more so that I could better picture everything. We start in Clementine’s perspective (which is, of course, a great place to start) but we never go back to her point of view. We go to Aster in the next chapter, and I ended up assuming we’d be switching between all the girls. But we stayed with Aster.

Not that there was anything wrong with that. It was just jarring and never let me settle, since I was always expecting a switch to another girl’s perspective. It never happened and I felt a little let down. Mostly because that would have really solidified each character and given them a unique voice and perspective whereas they start to get muddled in the middle. There are a lot of characters travelling all at once and it’s too much to get to know everyone. I started to get lost.

But the story kept me going, at the very least, though I would have loved a deeper dive towards the end. It felt rushed on the back end, and I can see that it was an attempt to sell it as a standalone, despite there being a second book in the works.

I just hope we get the answers and the deep dive I wanted in The Good Luck Girls in its sequel.