Otherworldly YA Fantasy

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The Good Luck Girls is a YA fantasy novel that could easily become a series. The characters are engrossing and reveal their true selves bit by bit. The writing flows and the plot moves along nicely without interruption. The story takes place mainly in a harsh, unforgiving environment and the writing style seems to be honest to just the needed details, with no fat left to spare.
The creatures in this fantasy novel were new to me, but the author's description made me be able to visualize them clearly. The same goes for the girls featured in the story; Aster, Violet, Tansy, Mallow and Clementine. I felt like each girl was her own entity, her own secrets and her own desires.
I do wish the characters of Tansy and Mallow were a bit more defined, as I felt they took a back seat in most of the action. Aside from that, I enjoyed the book and look forward to more by Charlotte Nicole Davis.