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I knew from the time I saw the cover that this would be the book for me but the extended excerpt solidified that. Sometimes these YA fantasy books take forever to get interesting. Luckily The Good Luck Girls started out with a bang. My heart was racing as the girls made their escape from the "welcome house". This debut has murder, sisterhood, heists, monsters, and a message.

I don't usually read books this dark but this one was different. I felt for our narrator Aster who is her sister's protector and is fearful of everyone. The horrors that she has experience are horrors real life girls her age sadly go through every day in different parts of the world. This story shines a light of that dark world.

I like Charlotte Nicole Davis' style of writing. She doesn't rely on wordy descriptions and flowery dialogue but rather raw emotion. Everything you could want in a debut book. I'll definitely be checking out more of her work.