I Refuse to Wait for the Sequel!

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TW: SA/CSA, addiction, violence, references to rape and suicide

THE GOOD LUCK GIRLS has everything you could ever want in your queer BIPOC western. And honestly, I can’t say I’m upset that that’s a genre that’s expanding. Davis’s ensemble cast of characters are all admittedly flawed, but they all carry a genuine love for each other, their found family. The struggles that they have endured make me want to root for them for eternity, especially given the huge amounts of growth they all go through over the course of the story. On top of that, while this is a high fantasy, Davis makes the world feel so tangible that it is easily recognizable from the first page.

The only thing that irked me (slightly) about this book was that there were a few too many scenes with the Old-West equivalent of a car chase (horse chase?). Once was fun, two was good, more was a bit excessive. However, the gripping setting and characters still make me feel more than comfortable giving this the full five stars it deserves!