I must read this book!

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The difficulty in reading fantasy is getting acclimated to a world that is unfamiliar. If you don't understand the terms being used or how the society functions it can complicate the ability to enjoy the story. A dry explanation of terms or description of how the society functions would be pointless and run counter to the whole point of writing fiction but a creative approach can be a challenge. Some authors just dive into the story and expect the reader to figure it out as they go. But other authors creatively introduce the story along with all the terminology and societal structure in a way that moves the story forward. Ms. Davis is just such an author.

The few chapters I was able to read in the First Look portion were enough to get me hooked! The author weaves the characters, the story, and the world-building together so beautifully that I almost forget she's giving me information; the story just captivates!