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Girl-Power Meets the Wild-West -- A must read!

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Charlotte Davis brings to life the indomitable strength of women in her debut novel, "The Good Luck Girls." Set in a Wild-West-esque landscape, the plot beautifully moves between a gritty, live fast or die young adventure and poignant coming of age storylines. Themes of self-worth and reliance, trust and redemption are prevalent throughout the story, culminating in the ultimate tale of sacrifice and sisterhood.

Sisters Aster and Clementine grew up in a "Good Luck House," after being sold into prostitution. When Clementine accidentally kills a man, the sisters and their closest friends, and an enemy, escape the house and begin a desperate flea towards a new life. On the run, they will need to support each other and find the will to survive -- but can they outrun the powerful men and supernatural forces who want them dead?