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Loved it. Received a free copy from BookishFirst and TorTeen Books. Aster (the Protector), Clementine (the Catalyst), Violet (the Favorite), Tansy (the Medic), Mallow (the Fighter) and Zee (the Rangeman). It was exciting, suspenseful and moving. Society where families without shadows (Dustbloods) must work off their debt that never ends. Fairbloods are families who have shadows. Dustbloods who need money or cannot provide for their families sell their girls to the Welcome House for a supposed better life. At the Welcome House that designed for mens pleasure, the young Dustblood girls are either groomed to be Daybreak Girls working in the kitchen or house or Sundown Girls serving the men at night once they turn 16. All of the girls are marked with a brand of sort called a Favor on their face that cannot be removed ever and marks them as a Welcome House girl. If the Favor is covered it burns with intense pain and glows so that it still shows up. On Clementine’s 16th birthday she is auctioned off to her first Barg (male suitor) but an accident happens and the girls flee for freedom or one definitely would die if she doesn't flee. Harrowing tale of Rangemen (trackers/hunters), Vengeants (invisible angry tortured souls feeding off of fear who rip and tear people apart with their claws), Remnants (trapped spirits), raveners (men who sold their souls for money and use mind control on the girls in the Welcome House to keep them in line). Do the girls make it? Such a great story could be a movie like Hunger Games and Divergent. Look forward to future books by Charlotte Nicole Davis.