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Charlotte Nicole Davis's Good Luck Girls is an addictive and satisfying fantasy with an excellently realized world that will have you hooked from the opening page.

The Good Luck Girls are anything but lucky--they're sold to a welcome house as children by their desperate parents and branded for eternity. When Clementine kills a man, she, her sister, and three friends go on the run--to an uncertain freedom where they're only ever a step ahead of the law.

This is at first glance a bloody revenge fantasy but it is so much more important than that. Davis's narrative crackles with history and brings to life the countless girls and women trafficked into sexual slavery today. Thus, what you read never feels gratuitous, but necessary. And though it's "just a story," your heart breaks all the more for each character because you know she has a counterpart in reality.

The voice is also excellent--Davis is a gifted writer and I will be looking forward to her future works. She has built such a convincing world that you will practically choke on the dust if you can ever dislodge your heart from your throat.

I've stepped away from YA lately, but this is one you surely don't want to miss. I'm definitely hoping for a sequel.

Thank you to BookishFirst and TorTeen for providing this ARC to review.