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Another YA Dystopian

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Called the good luck girls by those in charge, the young women who reside in a particular welcome house in Arketta were sold as children and branded with cursed markings. Five girls risk everything when one of them commits a crime. They are determined to finally have their freedom, in a world that wants to keep them under lock and key.

The daybreak girls become sundown ones when they turn sixteen, adult in the eye of their oppressors. Clementine is the main character, supported by her fellow good luck girls, including her sister Aster, as well as Violet, Mallow, and Tansy. Good Luck Girls is another dystopian novel where young women are subservient to the needs of men and are wildly oppressed. Tattooed with the type of marking that cannot be covered up, this branding reinforces to the young women and the world that they are property. Although I did like the fact that the young women learn how to stand up for themselves, I was not a fan of the premise. I like a YA novel with a strong female character, but she has to have a story behind her that makes sense. For these reasons, I would be hesitant to recommend The Good Luck Girls to other readers.