An Exciting Wild West YA Book!

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This was a very unique book as I have not read any YA books, that I recall, that felt like the wild west. It was refreshing. I wasn't sure what to expect going into this one but it definitely grabbed my attention and ran.

This group of girls have been through a lot. They were sold into a "welcome house" and people think they are lucky to live there since all of their needs are taken care of but they know they are far from lucky. They are branded and owned. Once they turn sixteen, their work begins for them and that is where this book begins for Clementine. Aster will do anything for her sister after the accidental death, even if that means breaking free. I liked the relationship between the sisters because it was such a strong bond. Since I have a younger sister and two older ones, it was easy to find these two relatable. The other girls each have their strengths and together they will stop at nothing to be free. It was intriguing to see just how far they would go and it definitely took a lot of guts!

For the most part, the characters were written well with only a couple being a bit flat at times or just flying under the radar.

There is a bit of romance but it is not a big focal point in the plot and for that reason is just didn't feel necessary. Since there will be a second book, maybe more will come of it.

The plot is exciting and again, is a great book with a wild west style. There are robberies and plenty of running from the law. It's everything you would expect and want from a group of girls who are out to take back their lives. There are people who help them along the way with only one being present for almost the entirety of the book. I feel like the characters at the end will definitely play a bigger role plot wise when it comes to book two.

The world-building is definitely awesome but my one complaint would about the supernatural elements. There wasn't much done with it and I would have liked to see more since it could have added just a bit more to certain scenes.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable read and I look forward to reading about these characters again.