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This story was one I will not soon forget!! I loved the fresh idea of the Favors and how the world was like the Wild West. I really thought this one reminded me of the 90's movie Bad Girls and I would love to see this one on the big screen. The only issue I had with this title was that on the cover you have this gorgeous POC on the cover of the title. However, in the story it is never mentioned what color skin or nationality (other than them being Dust something. IE. they had no shadows). Although this didn't take away from the story at large I just felt like it was missing in passing at least as a descriptive on what these characters looked like.

The story opened with us learning a little about this world that these girls have grown up in. I think the author did a great job with giving us this information without it feeling like an info dump. We also learn more as the story unfolds and I think it worked to weave a wonderful tale. The pacing worked out well and the writing was simple but beautiful. The mythology in this the story worked to create a wonderful world that felt like an old western, dystopian, fantasy novel and go figure it worked out as one of the best titles that I have read this year.

The characters in this one were all well formed and each had their own personality. With how this one ended I am excited to see where the next story takes us. Will we get to see everyone returning or will we get pulled in one direction over another. Although there are five characters in this one we really only get a few POVs and then the overall story. Were are never really just in one other than the start. But for the most part we get Aster's POV after the story gets going and it worked well. I never thought that it was overwhelming and well you guys know I love POVs when they are done well!

Overall, this story was beautifully written with a creepy scary world and amazing strong women as characters. The fight for freedom has never been tougher.

Go Into This One Knowing: Prostitution, Slaves, Branding, Human Trafficking, Drug Use