Rich with vibrant, colorful characters and a meaty storyline

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Thirteen years after the death of her mother, Jeannie, 30 year old Eliza is finally ready to confront the biggest mystery of her life... who is her father?

Even though single mom Jeannie was far from perfect, Eliza loved her and her very, very tall tales. When things got tough, Eliza also had two amazing godmothers, Olivia and Maxie, to rely on for support.

"I played a blinder when it came to your godmothers. I might not have been able to deliver much to you in the way of loving grandparents, aunties and uncles, my darling, but I did my best in other way."

The more Eliza delves into her mother's past, the more her godmothers reveal about Jeannie's troublesome ways. "Wild, unpredictable Jeannie. Troubled, lost Jeannie. Their oldest friend. Their most difficult friend." But, just like Eliza, they loved her anyway and cherished their friendship. Delightful from start to finish, The Godmothers provided a meaty story with many vibrantly colorful characters. I especially adored Jeannie's antics, 11 year old Sullivan's quirky personality, and Celine's temper tantrums.

Location: Australia, Scotland, Ireland, and England

I received an advance copy of this book. All opinions are my own.