Heartwarming and Emotional

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Eliza had a childhood like no other. With a larger-than-life mother, hers was a life full of extravagant stories, endless travel, and unconditional love from her mother and two doting godmothers. At the young age of seventeen, her life changed forever, leaving her all alone, save for her adoring godmothers. Now, at thirty, Eliza has built as safe a life as possible for herself, devoting herself to all work, very little play, and no time to allow herself to get attached. That is, until an offer from a godmother has her throwing caution to the wind, leaving her native Australia, and flying halfway around the world to Scotland. To the middle of familial drama. To what she hopes will be answers about her mother, her past, and who her father is. Her godmothers promise to tell her everything they know, while in secret they swear to each other to never, ever tell her the whole story. Eliza strives for answers while the godmothers strive to keep her safe and happy. The Godmothers is a beautiful story of hope and sorrow, of grief and love. Of family, both biological and found.

It took way too long for me to finish this book (thank you, adulting) but what an absolute stunner it is! Heart gripping, warm, and beautiful, The Godmothers will have you laughing, crying, and hoping against hope that Eliza gets the answers she deserves. The characters are abundant, colorful, and lovable, even the crotchety, old Celine that you can’t help but hate to love. The characters are flawed and human and perfectly imperfect.

McInerney’s writing is exceptional: elaborately detailed, carefully constructed, and totally consuming. I will can easily see myself reading her other works, based solely on the writing and craftsmanship of this novel.

If you love a family saga, this is absolutely the story for you. Told from multiple viewpoints, it keeps you engaged and ready to know what bizarre revelation could possibly happen next. The Godmothers reminds us that we are all worthy of a family and of love, and to never let the heartbreak of life keep us from living it to the fullest.