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“‘I don’t want two wishy-washy godmothers,’ she had said that afternoon in the country hospital when Eliza was only a day old. ‘No dolls. No pink dresses. Just lots of adventures. Lots of spoiling. The pair of you like two mighty warriors protecting her at every step.’”

Given the title, it’s not too hard to deduce what happens to Eliza’s mother in this story, but with the way the two are written interacting, the enormous love that exists between them, the end of the first chapter is still a gut punch.

Story-wise, this is my favorite kind of contemporary read. It’s a heartfelt story about grief, even years after the fact, but more than that it’s about a young woman learning about her mother’s past, about strengthening the bonds between her and who she has left, and about creating new bonds along the way. I don’t think it’s the perfect book, as I found it a little too long with some plotty details I didn’t really care about much, but it was overall a pleasure to read.