Found family, secrets, and moving forward

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As far back as Eliza can remember she’s always had two glamour, fabulous godmothers, Olivia and Maxine.

They’ve spoiled her, supported her and ensured she had the chance to travel and receive a solid education.

What Eliza has never had is a father. Her mother Jeannie has spun one tall tale after another over the years, promising the tell her the full truth on her 18th birthday.

That day is fast approaching as Eliza is heading home from a trip to visit a godmother. But instead of hearing the truth, Eliza finds her mother dead.

Now 31, Eliza survived that turbulent time with the support of her godmothers. She now finds herself in a period of change with her apartment being sold and her job suddenly being gone as the company is sold.

She decides to finally learn more about her father, and her mother, with her godmothers’ help.

What Eliza learns doesn’t match up with the pedestal she’d placed her mom on. Learning who her father turns out to be a less than positive experience as more of her mom’s lies are exposed.

But there’s still one lie Eliza will never know about. One that Maxine and Olivia have vowed to never tell a soul, expect teach other.