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This was not what I expected. It has more bite than I expected and I love that. A witty writer is a wonderful thing to stumble upon. I am sad that I didn’t apply for the raffle on this one (for a while I didn’t have time to read these but I’m making time and I really enjoy this site). The writing is what I liked most. It is edgy and smart. Good word choice without being obnoxious. The story itself is very women power and again I love that. This book has good emotional connections as well. I loved how the characters interacted and the relationships that developed. I definitely want to read the rest of this book. The cover is not the best. It is bland rather than simple and eye catching. This style has become much to common for this genre and so it doesn’t really grab my eye. It’s not bad it’s just not great. I am interested to see where the story goes. It is a good vacation read.