A heartwarming read

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Despite being raised by a single mother who had a lot of troubles, Eliza had a great childhood. A large part of which was due to the support of her two godmothers. When tragedy upends Eliza’s life just before her eighteenth birthday, she perseveres and moves on with her life, eventually dedicating herself to her job. Thirteen years later, her godmother sends her an invitation to visit. Eliza accepts and soon finds herself in a chaotic environment but one where she may finally discover who her father was. Is she ready to know the truth?

THE GODMOTHERS was an enjoyable read filled with family, love, and hope. I loved the characters and their relationships with each other. The plot moves along at a great pace. I liked that Eliza traveled so we got to visit some different settings. There were a lot of different emotions wrapped up in this book. At times I was laughing. Other times, it was quite sad. The ending was satisfying.

THE GODMOTHERS is the first book of Monica McInerney’s that I’ve read and I will certainly look for more of her books. I’d recommend this one if you’re looking for a heartwarming read.