I'm intrigued

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First things first, the cover. I love it. It's simple, but tells a lot about the story.

As for the actual book, I was sucked in from the start. Her Mother won't tell her the truth about her father until Eliza is eighteen- everyone knows the "wait until you're 18" secrets are juicy. Even though Little Eliza doesn't know her father, but is surrounded by familial love. She has her mother, Olivia, and Maxine as her support system, and is flourishing. To be honest, I forgot that her Mother was going to pass. Just when I was getting comfortable with the trips abroad and the loving emails, she died. Just like that.

Then we flash to thirteen years later- Eliza is still mourning the death of her Mother. She's got unresolved trauma from her last flight home, she plans obsessively, writes lists for everything, and barely shows emotion. She's been stuck in this rut- working long hours to forget her feelings. Then it all happens at once- her boring, comfortable life blown up ( In Eliza's eyes, anyways). She's getting her two weeks notice, and she's being evicted. Everything bad seems to happen at once, doesn't it?

I'm so invested though! What happened to her mom? Who and where is her father? What was her mother hiding? So many questions.