A Life Upended by Circumstance and Seeking New Adventures

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Eliza is rather a pitiable character, with a mom who died when she was only seventeen and no evidence of a father anywhere, at least not one that her mother was willing to talk to her about. Once Jeannie died, Eliza’s godmothers take over the role of advising her and guiding her. Olivia and Maxie sound like perfect women to lead Eliza into a new future when her world implodes again. Her boss has just dropped a bombshell on her and then so does her landlord, so totally adrift in her well-organized world, Eliza agrees to Olivia’s suggestion to attend Maxie’s upcoming wedding. Thus, in the first view, the stage is set for Eliza to take wing and fly away from her normal life into a new and adventurous one. The characters seem interesting if somewhat quirky and Eliza is a young woman eager to be led somewhere and into something new. I liked the rhythm of the writing, kind of staccato, with events raining from the sky and changing Eliza’s life quickly. After the first view, I’m very interested in finding out what Eliza’s fate will be. She has godmothers and I’m hoping for a Prince Charming, too.