My Heart

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I was really hoping to get a chance to read this book as only one other book has come to mind when talking about the struggles of anorexia. I am an anorexia survivor and it is one of those topics that don't seem to come up and have a lot of stigma around it, so bravo to Yara Zgheib for tackling this.

Our main character is a dancer, as was I, and there is a lot of pressure to keep yourself a certain way. She ends up at a home for women who are all suffering for a variety of reasons. The characters are heartfelt written and believable. There were many times I was touched, or had to put the book down just to let it sit with me for a moment before moving on. This is one I will tell people about, just so maybe, they can try to understand where something like anorexia can come from and how it sits with people.

Great job, and so much love.