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I was sent this book from the publisher, I was unsure what to expect after reading the book blurb, but intrigued enough to want to read it. I was enthralled. I devoured this book in one day while traveling. I ugly cried within the last 30 minutes of my last flight of the day. While the writing style, the back and forth between present and flashback, took a bit of getting use to, the story itself was amazing. Insightful, touching, educational. You learn a lot about eating disorders, but not the medical facts, you learn the real life effects on a sufferer. The life changing impacts on the person and their family/loved ones. How haunted someone can be, how it's not as simple to fix as just to start eating. Your physical self, your mental self, everything aspect of life is impacted by an eating disorder, and this book gives you an insight through a touching story. I highly recommend this book!