Dramatic yet truthful portrait

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This is a dramatic yet truthful portrait of eating disorders - especially anorexia and bulimia. The girls at 17 Swann Street are actually at a group house to try to recover from their eating disorders. At times, the story becomes very dramatic - when we read about these girls struggles to eat 6 meals a day. While for anorexic girls the trouble would be eating all that, for bulimic, the drama would be eating only that. So different, yet so similar diseases. Anna, the main character, arrives at the 17 Swann Street after slowly stopping eating many types of food - to the point that she got way to thin. Even though I don't have this particular eating disorder, I could totally relate to the rest of Anna's story - a girl that moved from one country to another to follow her husband and ended up not having an opportunity to pursue further her original career. With that, she ended up getting depressed (although she didn't admit it), which eventually led her to the eating disorder. This is a very interesting book, and I highly recommend if you want to understand more about anorexia, or are just curious to know how the disease works. It's ultimately also a love story, and a story about how love can make you surpass even the worst adversities in life.