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Where has this been hiding?

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Seriously, where has this book been hiding?

Probably one of the best fantasy books I have read this year and with a strong female protagonist to boot, The Girl in the Tower is a force to reckon with.

Vasya is faced with a choice; marry or become a nun she chooses neither (yay,) and instead flees for adventure in the great wide somewhere. She runs across many friends and foes along the way while discovering who she truly wants to be.

Unlike the first book in the series, this second installment is more action packed and reads more like an adventure novel than the first which I really enjoyed. It made the pacing of the book snappy and I ended up breezing through it in a day.

Honestly the best part of this book is how unpredictable it is. There were many scenarios where I was saying to myself "Oh here is ____ plot beat" only to have it subverted in a really fantastic way. Pick this series up and read it right now!