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Strong Female Lead with a Sprinkle of Magic and Russian Folklore

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A lot of people loved "The Bear and the Nightingale", I was not one of them. This book however I found myself liking more. I feel like this book had the same problem the first one did- I didn't care about the first 100 or so pages. WIth this book we start with Olga and Sasha and with part one and then part 2 tells Vasya's side of the story and we stay with her for the most part through the rest of the story. I actually really liked Olga and Sasha in this story and I enjoyed seeing them be developed more as characters. The stand out character for me however was Olga's daughter Masha, who like her Aunt can also see the other world. After the ending to book 2 I do want to read the conclusion to the series now!
I was a little skeptical after the first book and I dragged my feet reading the second book, but I did enjoy this book a lot more than I did the first one. The only reason I really got around to reading this book is because it was a featured book on BookishFirst and I wanted the points for reviewing the book. I wasn't disappointed in the book though. While I wasn't in love with this book- I did really enjoy myself once I was about 200 pages in. I love the character of Vasya and I feel like she really is a complex character. Is it wrong of me that I want her to be with the frost-demon? Yes? No? Maybe just a little? I'm hoping I don't put off "Winter of the Witch" for too long.