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Rich folk lore and strong female characters

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This is Russia, one that owes allegiance to the Khan and is populated by vodianoy and domovoi and the Winter-King. I adored the folklore and how saturated the story was in cultural richness. The fantastical landscape and creatures were beautifully brought to light.

The only thing I was disappointed with was the unresolved feeling I was left with. I enjoyed a lot of the ending but felt something was missing. Vasya and Solovey were great, and I enjoyed their adventures. The tension continued to mount with each chapter making the book difficult to put down. Vasya's brother and sister brought in different perspectives to an already intriguing story.

I really enjoyed our main character; I loved her intelligence and fearlessness in making choices. Thus, I can't wait to learn more about Vasya's niece, and I look forward to book 3. Arden does a great job with the little details that make her narrative come alive.