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Recommended Reading for Adventrous Girls

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The Girl in the Tower adds to the story that was so well constructed by Arden in the Bear and the Nightingale. Many times while reading, either by myself or with my book club, I have wondered where strong female characters are that don't rely on a fiancé, boyfriend or brother to help them through. Arden has done this in both books and Vasya's independence continues to grow as she takes on a male persona to avoid two options she sees as being locked in tower. Again using Russian folklore, Arden weaves a beautiful story that adds to the world and has the reader ready for the third and final in the trilogy.

Arden's great characters, lightening fast pacing and overall in depth world building makes this trilogy a must have for any one with independent daughters. Without giving away too many spoilers the ending sets up the third act and honestly, this reviewer can't wait to see what Arden does to wrap up the story.