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The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden

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This is a fascinating book alive with history, folk and fairy tales. I have to admit I am reading these out of order, despite having book one. I was pulled into the book so strongly that I had to read this first. The author had to have done an incredible amount of research to get the details so precise. Written to have taken place in the generation following Genghis Khan it clearly demonstrates life of Russian ladies in Moscow.
This book focuses on the interaction of three siblings, their cousin the ruler of Moscow, the Church and the creatures of golf and fairy tales. The story takes place in a time when magic and the creatures of folk. Tales are diminishing. Those who still believe are seen as, at best, backwards country folk or, at worse, evil destined for Hell. The siblings each portray a major force from that time. The brother is a monk standing for the Church. The older sister, the new ways and traditions. The younger sister, is the old ways.
The writing is a lyrical flow of words. As you read you find yourself expecting to see the various house elves in your home. I can not express how much I loved this book. Even now days after finishing bit of the story pop into my mind. I would recommend this book to all readers.
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