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Loved it!

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I really liked The Bear and the Nightingale but The Girl in the Tower is even better! It was filled with mystery and intrigue, and even a touch of love. This book takes Vasya to Moscow and of course she get’s herself into all sorts of mischief. Being labeled a witch at home, and following the murder of her father, she flees home and decides to be a traveler. Following the advice of the Winter King, she takes the persona of a boy. It all gets tricky however when she runs into her brother Sasha.

The first 10% was kind of slow, filling in the back story, but then it really picked up and was extremely good. The last 25%, however, was so amazing and suspenseful I could barely put it down. I would read any chance I got, walking down the hallway and even sneaking little reading breaks while cooking.
The ending was well done, making the launch to the new book really exciting. I have loved both books in this series and cannot wait for the last one. I hope a lot of wonderful things happen, and I feel as though they will.